Not exactly essays. Let's call them extended thoughts I've had about issues that intrigue me:

      Are evangelicals the only true Christians?
      Fiction vs. nonfiction
      How can Christians be in but not of the world?
      Is God a Republican?
      Was Jesus nice?
      What does it mean to "Support our Troops?"
      Why Christians should be theologically conservative and politically liberal

Letters to the editor

Once or twice a year I fire off a letter to the editor of our local newspaper, the Newport Daily News, or to some other publication. Here are some:

      Assisted suicide (date unknown)
      Casino gambling, #1 (Apr. 2012)     # 2 (Nov. 2012)    # 3 (Apr. 2014)
                                        # 4 (May 2014)  # 5 (May 2014)  # 6 (Oct. 2016)
      Defense of Marriage Act, enforcement of (Mar. 2011)
      Democratic party values (Mar. 2017)
      Environment, electric cars (Nov. 2013)
      Gay marriage, #1 (May 2007)     #2 (Aug. 2008)
      Global warming (Nov. 2010)
      Government taking private property (June 1987)
      Government: "I Love Government Regulations" (April 2010)
      Newspaper: Columnist distorting facts (Oct. 2009)
      Newspaper: Columnist's prejudice against Christians (date unknown)
      Newspaper: Easter coverage in Daily News (Apr. 2005)
      Newspaper: "Reading Week" recommendations (May 1995)
      Newspaper: Smearing Dave Carlin (Nov. 1994)
      Newspaper: "Sunshine Week" propaganda, #1 (Feb. 2006)    #2 (Mar. 2009)
      Schools: Need for new middle school in Newport (Sept. 1999)
      Tax cuts for the rich (June 1999)
      Taxes: Are the rich over-taxed? (April 2008)
      Taxing churches (June 1998)
      War, ethics of (Dec. 2005)
      War in Iraq (published Feb. 2003, before the U.S. invaded Iraq)
      War in Afghanistan (Sept. 2009)

Other writings

      Early Signs of a Future Writer
      What Was His Secret?"