Sports - Number 2 Hobby


When I went from Coggeshall School to Mumford School for seventh grade, I discovered the greatest individual sport in the world - handball. (Basketball is the greatest team sport.) Before school, during lunch break, and after school the guys - the cool ones anyway - played handball. I don't know what the girls did. Someone years before had boarded up a window to the gym, leaving a space maybe 15 feet wide and 25 feet long, and painted lines to make a handball court. That's where I learned the game, and I've played it for 60-some years since then. Here are career highlights a quarter of a century apart, from 1970 (when I was "Ron" - note the sideburns!) and 1995 (good view up my nostrils).


Unfortunately, nothing in my long career in pickup basketball was picked up by the ESPN, Sports Illustrated, or any other sports news outlet. However, at a relatively late stage in my career - OK, just this past June, at my 75th birthday - I did manage to get a pickup game caught on video. It's just two-on-two, but here are the highlights. (I'm the old guy in jeans.) If this link doesn't play the movie, you can see it on a smaller YouTube screen by clicking on the arrow below. (And don't forget the link below the YouTube screen.)

Of course, now I'm older, but me and the wife still like to get out there and shoot a few hoops.