Bible Related

This page represents the beginning, I hope, of pulling together some of the Bible study materials I've worked on for many years. Feel free to peruse and use, as you wish. Nothing here is copyrighted.

Materials for my current adult Sunday School class, "The Christian and the World."

My personal commentary on the whole Bible You may be wondering whatever gave me, with no credentials whatsoever, the idea of writing a commentary on the Bible? Well, I have all these old Bibles I've used for the past half-century or so, and I got in the habit of writing notes in the margins; you know, brilliant insights, that I usually got from someone else. And I was thinking about how I could pull them all together, so I could read, for example, all the notes I ever wrote on the first chapter of Genesis in one place. That's when I got the idea of creating a commentary; that is, a collection of my own notes on each book and most chapters in the Bible. However, I haven't gotten very far yet ... just a start, really, mostly in Genesis and the Gospels.

And here's a collection of miscellaneous notes on the Bible, arranged under topical headings, like Greed, Holy Spirit, Prayer, etc. Yes, there is some overlap with the notes in my commentary on the Bible, but not too much.