Roland's Reorganized Roundup of Relevant Writings

About a dozen years ago – can't remember for sure – I published this website as my online repository of documents I create or collect. There are very few photos here, by the way, which means that it will not be very interesting to many people under 50 or so.

From time to time I have added some new material, mostly book reviews, but now it's overdue for a complete reorganization. I want to make it easier to use, for me and anyone else who may be interested. I've never promoted this website, like a blog, but anyone is welcome to browse through it (except for some password-protected family information, like addresses and telephone numbers).

A word about site organization. The links on the left bother my sense of order and logic. That's because much of the information in almost all the categories, like my personal statement of faith ("Credo"), the Bible related material, and the book reviews, was written by me, so the category entitled "Writings" is not as broad as it sounds. It should probably say "Writings Not Included Above" or something like that.

Another website of mine relates to my law practice and writing in the field of zoning law.

Finally, I would be interested in comments and suggestions about the website, if you care to send me a note.

Thanks for visiting!

Roland Chase (a.k.a., in former days, Ron Chase)